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Trinity Bariatric Surgery specializes in performing bariatric surgery. Trinity Bariatric is dedicated to helping the obese lose weight and start leading a healthier lifestyle. We make it a priority to establish long-lasting personal relationships with our patients so that they can more easily maintain their new, healthier lifestyle.

We recognize how difficult it is for people to decide to take the courageous step of opting for bariatric surgery, and we handle each patient with the utmost compassion and respect. We make a commitment to see our patients through the entire process, including educating them about how to lead a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Our goal is not only to get you to and through surgery, but to make sure you are completely prepared in advanced and have all the support you need to be successful, not just at surgery, not just a year out, but for a lifetime.

At Trinity Bariatric Surgery practice, you will meet with your surgeon right at your very first appointment, not just right before surgery, because this life-changing decision should be with someone you have a relationship with, not just someone with a certificate and a lab coat.

At Trinity Bariatric Surgery, it’s about YOU, and your Weight is over!

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With specialized expertise in bariatric care and surgery, our providers are here for you.

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Our team is dedicated to helping you lose weight and start leading a healthier lifestyle.

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Our team works hard every day to ensure that our patients receive courteous, compassionate care that makes a difference.

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Other Services
Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a procedure where the stomach is permanently divided into two.

Lap Banding Surgery

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding or Lap Banding Surgery is a non-invasive, restrictive procedure.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive and irreversible procedure.