We need our kidneys to survive – they function to clean impurities from our blood, while also helping to control the blood pressure and fluid levels in our body. Nephrologists can prescribe a range of treatment options to patients who are experiencing kidney problems – from lifestyle changes and medications to more advanced treatment options like dialysis and kidney replacement.

At Trinity Medical, our nephrology specialists see themselves as a support system for our kidney patients. We place the utmost importance on maximizing patient comfort and monitoring the status of kidney disorders as they progress. How kidneys fit into the urinary system is often unfamiliar to many of our patients – we rise to the occasion as educators and caregivers, taking the time to ensure that patients understand the scope of their kidney problems, their treatment options, and lifestyle changes that can improve their quality of life.

In addition, the nephrologists at Trinity Medical  work hard to collaborate with other healthcare specialists so if a kidney disorder causes complications in a different body system, we can work together to find the right solutions.

Providing comfort and compassion guides our practice above all else, and we are known for providing patient-focused care at the highest level.

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