Cardiac Care: Electrophysiology vs. Interventional Cardiology

Posted: Aug 29th 2022
Categories: Cardiology
cardiac care

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. If you suffer from cardiac problems, you may have encountered an electrophysiologist or interventional cardiologist. But what is the difference between the two, and what are their roles when it comes to cardiac care?

Electrophysiology and interventional cardiology are one of many cardiac specialties. An electrophysiologist will diagnose and treat irregular heart rhythms, or arrhythmias. An interventional cardiologist is specially trained in performing specific catheter-based procedures to treat heart disease.


Electrophysiologists are trained to deal with the electrical impulses that control your heart’s rhythm. Like most specialists, you may need a referral from your cardiologist or primary care physician to see an electrophysiologist.

You may be referred to an electrophysiologist if you have one or more of these concerns:

  • An abnormal heart rhythm
  • Scheduled for heart surgery or cardiac ablation
  • Determining the need for a pacemaker or implantable cardiac defibrillator
  • At risk for sudden cardiac death

Interventional Cardiology

An interventional cardiologist treats and repairs damaged arteries and blood vessels, heart valve disorders, and congenital heart disease by using non-surgical treatment methods.

You may see an interventional cardiologist for:

  • Blockage of a coronary artery
  • Specialized care for diseases such as heart valve disease or coronary artery disease
  • A non-invasive procedure such as cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, or heart valve repair
  • Defibrillator or pacemaker insertion

Regional Leader in Cardiac Care

Heart problems can affect anyone at any life stage, so it’s important to take care of yourself to prevent them from progressing or developing later on. Sometimes heart disease is “silent”, meaning you have no symptoms. Physical activity, healthy dieting, and regular visits with your physician are the best way to lower your chances of heart disease.

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