Can a Daily Dose of Aspirin Lower the Risk of a Heart Attack?

Posted: Feb 01st 2023
Categories: Cardiology

Aspirin therapy is a well-established treatment for people who previously experienced a heart attack or a stroke. But if you do not have a history of having either, should you still regularly consume low-dose aspirin? For many individuals, the answer is no.

For people who haven’t had a heart attack or stroke, daily doses of aspirin aren’t recommended because of the risk of internal bleeding. This risk is even greater for those over the age of 70. Unless recommended by your doctor, aspirin should not be consumed regularly, even if it is a low dose.

The Proven Benefit of Aspirin

A heart attack or stroke usually occurs when arterial buildup, also known as plaque, blocks blood flow to the heart muscle or brain. Aspirin thins the blood to prevent this from happening. However, because it thins your blood, aspirin can cause abdominal problems like stomach bleeding, which is worsened if you drink alcohol.

For many, aspirin is a go-to when you have a fever, aches, pain, or inflammation. Aspirin is safe to consume in these instances, but not regularly as a preventative unless instructed by your healthcare provider.

What Can I Do To Prevent A Heart Attack Without Aspirin?

If you have no known history or risk of a heart attack or stroke, the best steps you can take are to exercise regularly, eat a healthy balanced diet, and avoid smoking. Studies show that aspirin had no effect on people without a history or risk of a heart attack, and worse, it increased their risk of death from massive internal bleeding.

For those concerned about their heart health, we recommend discussing it with your doctor. They will help guide you on the risks and benefits of low-dose aspirin therapy and recommend additional treatment and steps you can take to lower your chances of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

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