Infectious Disease

From an illness as typical as the common cold to a more compromising infection like meningitis, the specialists at Trinity Medical provide care for a spectrum of infectious diseases with a wide range of symptoms and severity.

An infectious disease can be transmitted to a patient via four different types of organisms: bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites. The most communicable of these illnesses have germs that can be passed from person-to-person in a number of ways, including both direct and indirect contact.

Most people suffer from some form of infectious disease at one point in their lives. Here are some of the best ways Trinity Medical physicians recommend limiting the spread of infectious disease symptoms:

  • •     Wash your hands, properly and frequently
  • •     Get vaccinated and build immunization to preventable diseases
  • •     Stay home when you’re ill to limit the spread of symptoms
  • •     Practice safe food preparation and ensure raw meat is cooked to the proper temperature
  • •     Take recommended precautions while traveling such as drinking bottled water and being vaccinated for rare illnesses
  • •     Remember not to share personal items, such as towels, hairbrushes, or kitchen utensils with another person

If you do succumb to an infectious disease, our specialists share a common goal of getting our patients back to feeling their best. Whether your illness lingers longer than you think it should, or you’re experiencing symptoms that seem unfamiliar to you, you can rely on our doctors’ expertise to help minimize recovery time so you can make a healthy return to daily life.

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